concept development & community management

a community of houseplant enthusiasts hosted on seeing a great lack of houseplant community, collected quality imagery, and original content, nicehouseplants was created to offer a space for houseplant enthusiasts to share their images and knowledge while also offering a platform to seek new information related to their houseplant adventures. it is also a goal of nicehouseplants to correctly cite or source every image that is not a contribution from the community or myself, a feature which is rare among the fast-blogging world of tumblrs and photo blogs. at the time of inception in 2012, nicehouseplants was one of the only houseplant oriented tumblrs, and the only one consistently generating new content.



the front page of nicehouseplants as of december 2016. a collection of original, sourced, and submitted plants from the community



some of my original photography contributed to the nicehouseplants community


as supplement information for my blog, I created a short video answering houseplant questions I had received from the community.